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Carver Center for Genomics - Sequencing Equipment

Sanger DNA Sequencing
ABI 3730 DNA Analyzer
ABI 3730 DNA AnalyzerThe ABI 3730 DNA Analyzer is a 48-capillary DNA sequencer and genotyper. It provides high throughput in an automated atmosphere. This model can sequence 48 samples in two hours. Our experiments indicate that this machine with its improved polymer can give 20% longer sequence reads than the 3100. Currently this is used for template sequencing and DNA fragment analysis.
Illumina Genome Sequencers
Illumina Genome SequencersThe Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx is our newest acquisition next generation sequencer that offers a combination of 2X150 bp reads and produces 640 million templates per flow cell. The CCG offers complete genome sequencing solutions on this platform.
Roche® 454 Pyrosequencing
Roche® 454 PyrosequencingThe Roche® 454 Genome and transcriptome sequencing instrument. Offering more than 1 million high-quality reads per run and read lengths of 400 bases, the system is ideally suited for de novo sequencing of whole genomes and transcriptomes of any size, metagenomic characterization of complex samples, resequencing studies and more.
Turner BioSystems TBS-380 Fluorometer
Turner BioSystems TBS-380 FluorometerThe TBS-380 Fluorometer is a mini-fluorometer that is capable of accurately measuring very low nucleic acid concentrations (upto 1 ng/mL dsDNA with PicoGreen and 1 ng/ml RNA using RiboGreen). Measurements can be carried out using either 10 x 10 mm cuvettes, or 50 - 250 ul minicell vials. Note: for resupply of consumables, the Promega QuantiFluor ST Fluorometer replaces the Turner BioSystems TBS-380 Fluorometer but uses same cuvettes.