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Graduate Degrees and Tracks

The following subtrack descriptions for the Graduate Degrees in Biology are available in Adobe® PDF
or Microsoft® Word formats. Click on the corresponding icon for the format you wish to view.
grad_track_celldev.pdf grad_track_celldev.doc Cell and Developmental Biology Subtrack
grad_track_evo.pdf grad_track_evo.doc Evolution Subtrack
grad_track_gen.pdf grad_track_gen.doc Genetics Subtrack
grad_track_neuro.pdf grad_track_neuro.doc Neurobiology Subtrack
Faculty members in these four core research areas utilize a variety of model systems ranging through
the animal, plant and protist kingdoms.
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Biology Courses

The Department of Biology at The University of Iowa offers a wide range of courses to assist in the development of undergraduate and graduate students:


Prospective students interested in gaining admittance to the Department of Biology must meet the requirements of the Department and the University of Iowa's Graduate College, which include: For more information on joining the Graduate Program, please see the Graduate Admissions page.

About the Graduate Program

The Department of Biology at The University of Iowa, is a nationally recognized research center, that offers: Prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact the departmental Graduate Admissions Committee by telephone (319-335-1092) or e-mail ( for more detailed information. Individual faculty members will also be happy to provide additional information about research opportunities in their laboratories.